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Hi there, it’s me, Tom…

Setting up my own events business was a dream come true. It’s been pretty tough these last few years, but with things retuning to normal, I’m eager to get going again.

Why the Great British Events Company, why me? Well in all honesty, this is just where I fit. My career has always been in and around hospitality, entertainment and client facing roles. Playing host, just seemed to come naturally. So with the support of my wife for whom i’ll be forever grateful, here we are.

I promise – you’ve come to the right place..


My Mission


MY Mission

I was asked this question once and immediately I went straight for, ‘to give everyone a good time’

Now you might say, ‘that’s not so bad’, or ‘who doesn’t like a good time?’ After all, you don’t go to an event to be sad.

But having spent more and more time listening, planning and delivering events, private or corporate, they are just so much more than that. They have the ability to change a persons perception of things, inspire a new idea, affect change or open them up to new experiences or…. have a good time!


Maybe they’ll buy your product, maybe your message will instigate a change in someones behaviour or habits, inspire the next generation, maybe your event will provide the perfect environment for someone to meet their next forever….

Dramatic? Perhaps.. Possible? Most definitely.

I think this very possibility is what draws me to my new home within events. Everyone has a dream or an idea or how their event will go. You’ve spent so much time prior thinking about it.

So it’s my job to understand and be be taken on the journey of what you imagination choses when you close your eyes. And who doesn’t like to be told a magical story right?

After that the fun really begins, and here’s the kicker, when I pull it off, there is no greater feeling, ALL ROUND




Great British Events Co.