When it’s your money, your company, reputation or special occasion – putting your trust into someone else to deliver your idea IS a big deal.

So, do you go for ‘EXPERIENCE’ or ‘PASSION’, are they mutually exclusive? I think we can agree that the absence of either is a non-starter and perhaps stay well clear.

Look at each individually, things that spring to mind for EXPERIENCE are, confidence, security, assurance, tried and tested, cost saving (perhaps), unimaginative, just another job. Looking at PASSION – words like innovation, exciting, risky, out of control, creative, understanding, costly.

I truly believe that both have their merits and their downsides. You could argue that each one would complement a certain client. Take for example, a client with a clear vision of what they want, then someone with EXPERIENCE is probably better suited, to pull upon their knowledge and knowhow. Whereas a client who likes to not stray too far from the norm, has the cash, possibly an idea but is worried it might not work, needs that person with PASSION to bring them along. Yes, I get it, these perhaps are very specific and stereotypical of certain character traits, but the point is there’s a place for both.

For me, PASSION is everything. Helped by the fact that I get overexcited about the possibilities of anything! I think I get that from my mum whose response to most things I tell her is ‘WOW’. But the client has been thinking about this event for some time and has probably gone through so many scenarios, fine tuning what they want. So, when that’s met with equal enthusiasm, does that not instil confidence and assurance?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the slightest way saying that those with experience are not going to be as passionate nor are they lacking imagination, I suppose I’m only stating my preference because I am indeed the one without EXPERIENCE… And who said they were mutually exclusive anyway.

Perhaps, when it’s your hard-earned cash going into the event, you just have to trust your gut! Do you want to work alongside the accountant or the artist? EXPERIENCE will deliver, but will it be as fun?

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